Guangxi GuiRen Tang Golden Camellia Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd

 Guangxi GuiRen Tang Golden Camellia Tea Industry Group Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in integrated business of golden camellia seedling, plantation, processing, R&D, selling, tourism and service. It has been identified as national forestry leading enterprise, Guangxi agricultural industrial leading enterprise as well as the president company of Golden Camellia Industry Association.

GuiRen Tang Group has been unremittingly making progress to be the national double high-tech company and to build "GuiRen Tang" a well-known national brand. It will establish five large operation centers and 1200 exclusive shops. GuiRen Tang will become an integrated company with 1 billion yuan annual turnover of farm and sideline products of high quality, trying to accomplish the goal of listing and becoming more developed.

The golden camellia

    The golden camellia which is one of the first class national protected plants belongs to Theaceae family.The Theaceae family also includes tea, camellia, Camellia semiserrata Chi,  Camellia oleifera Abel and Camellia sasanqua Thunb.Golden camellia has golden flowers which are gorgeous,eye-catching, crystal as well as smooth, giving the sense of half translucent.The golden camellia develops solitarily in the leaf axils. The flowers of golden camellia are beautiful and elegant.What's more,the flowers have many different shapes, like cup, pot or bowl.People have never seen the golden camellia before until Chinese scientis found it in Nanning,         Guangxi in 1960 for the first time. Since then, this kind of camellia is named as golden camellia. It is even called "Oriental Magic Tea " in abroad. It is known as " Panda of the plant kingdom ", "Queen of the tea family”.

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